How to transform your mind

Discover the ground breaking book Ninja Communications, the Art and Science of Influence. Becoming a Ninja Communicator is not just a slick catch phrase; this transformative book teaches a Interdisciplinary approach to Communications. The techniques skillfully combined  different modalities to teach readers how to virtually read the mind of others.

Learn the fundamentals behind Sciences such as; Kinesiology, Graphology and Emotional Causation, readers are led on a journey to a deeper understanding of how to interpret and influence the thoughts of others. Many have also gained deeper insights into themselves, for example, why do they have lower back problems? What does it mean when someone has heart problems or diabetes? While these are physical problems, the book teaches you the emotions and dominate thoughts that are causing these and many other afflictions.

Mr. Hines is a Certified Health and Wellness Consultant and has trained and practiced Energy Work and Emotional Healing. The book skillfully interweaves seemingly unrelated sciences to produce one of the most comprehensive books on communication that’s ever been written; Ninja Communications: The Art and Science of Influence, is a book that reveals the inside secrets to becoming a powerful influencer by understanding and using the Science of Communication.

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